I began my career with web-development. Throughout the years and until now I am still continuing in the same domain. Ruby on Rails has been the framework that I mostly worked with. I have also worked on Node.js, Golang and bit of Elixir.
My role
Over the time I have gone from pushing out small features to designing and building cloud based systems for web. I have lead teams and also has contributed a lot as an IC. Nowadays I handle projects as an IC where I manage the full lifecycle from preparing the Architecture Document, Work plan to actually shipping the project. I find it really fulfilling to have a clean and complete documentation, detailed with all the project related information. I really make it a point to have everything documented in detail and available for everyone to refer. Planning and documentation has become and essential workflow for me now. I have been handling projects from end to end from gathering information from stakeholders, planning and architecting to building it. I would say I have grown into the role of a "Product Engineer".

Work Projects

A serverless system