note on wezterm

Having used quite a lot of terminals across various OS’s, wezterm is the current go to. iTerm was the one that was in use for quite a while but eventually I got bored with it. Nothing against iTerm but it started to feel a bit sluggish (maybe I didn’t congiure it will enough) and bit too cumbersome to manage. One of the reasons being recently I stopped doing extensive customisations and embraced minimmal config combined with tools with good features out of the box. This is where most of the terminals I used was not working with the idea. This is also where wezterm comes to picture.

I can pretty much start using it out of the box for most of the workflows. One of the biggest features that I feel is the builtin patched font. It just works; And that’s great. No more countless hours finding the perfect patched font and size configuration. Even then, even if not for the ligatures and stuff a good builtin font is available out of the box. That’s good enough.

The overall experience is pretty smooth and the minimal configuration that is required, is also pretty easy to get done. It’s done using lua. Since I use neovim also a lot, the configuration for neovim is also in lua. Hence, I do not need to spend time learning different configuration DSL. Plus, lua is pretty neat and simple too.

There are quite a lot of customisations possible in wezterm, that I am not going to discuss here. This note is an appreciation to the tool with which I can get started quickly.